Walls pt. 4

The end of the road.

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Walls pt. 3

Just for you @torikessel. #walls #blue #texture #nepal


Walls pt. 2

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I dunno what it says but it looked cool. Walls pt. 1

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This is Naram. He is from the village of Chapagoun. He’s going to stay up tonight to hopefully see his team to victory - even though the game is at 12:45am here.

World Cup Final Fever is alive and well, even in Nepal.

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Bishwa is the man. He led us on a hike today. The hike included heavy rain, the possibility of seeing a wild tiger, and enough leeches to have everyone reaching for band-aids this afternoon.

Fun fact: Bishwa has no leg hair. When you are sitting near him, he will illustrate this fact by tugging on your own leg hair and repeating, “I have none.”

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This is Krishna. Krishna fixed my shoes for free so I bought him a Coke while I waited.

Fun fact: He wants Germany to kick the shit out of the Argentinians in the World Cup. His words, not mine.

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A little elephant quality time… Something I actually won’t forget for a long while.

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I like to take long walks in Nepal. But today I walked too far to be home in time for dinner - and I didn’t wanna take a taxi - so I bought a bike off a guy in the street and rode home.

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